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Digital deals and coupons: Get Thanksgiving family meal for less than $50

Is it possible to have a memorable meal without the burden of cost to you, your family or your wallet?

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The next couple weeks many people, like Deborah Rece-Murphy, will be hitting the grocery stores in preparation for Thanksgiving dinner.

But with a year that brought inflation and added expenses, some can’t justify spending big bucks for delicious delights. Rece-Murphy says she’s aiming to cook for a family of eight for around $75.

“I may go over,” she said. “That depends on what I find on sale.”

Is it possible, though, to have a memorable meal without the burden of cost to you, your family or your wallet?

“Let’s chat about Thanksgiving,” Amy McCormick, corporate affairs manager for Kroger, said.

McCormick says she knows times have been tough.

“Inflationary pressures in 2022 have really taken a toll on folks,” she said. 

The cost of turkey has shot up 20 cents per pound over the last year, but McCormick says not all inflation is passed on to customers, and with coupons and digital deals a decent deal is not only possible, but probable.

McCormick says by downloading the free Kroger app you can scan items, which helps you keep track of all deals from all brands, and helps to keep your costs low.

At a recent shopping outing at the Kroger in Grove City, McCormick found all the main staples of Thanksgiving, including turkey, macaroni and cheese, stuffing, yams, potatoes, green beans, corn, pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce. Because of different deals on different items, the total cost for all 20 items was knocked down from $71.70 to $47.41.

Similar deals can be found with other grocery store apps and websites and digital coupons, including Giant Eagle, Meijer, Walmart and Aldi.

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