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Holiday gift card and coupon scams

Scammers are using gift cards and coupons to access your personal information.

Beware of those emails in your inbox with coupons that seem too good to be true. They may be a scam.

"Always go to the website of the company that you're looking at. Don't click on anything from an email. If you get an email go to the site to see if it's legitimate,” Kevin Mabry, CEO of Sentree Systems said.

Mabry said those scam emails are more sophisticated and look real. The goal is to get malware on your computer and access your data.

Gift cards are another way thieves are targeting shoppers.

They scratch off the real barcode, taking a picture of it and replacing it with a fake one. When you go to buy the card, the thief has already used it to make online purchases.

"If it's in the store I personally would ask a teller to get me one from back in the back because they could be tampered with or get one from the actual back of the stack of them because the ones that will be tampered with will be the first ones," Mabry said.

You can protect yourself by using Apple or Samsung Wallet on your phone to pay for things. That way, you are paying with an encrypted number from your phone.

You can also use a pre-paid card that’s loaded with a set amount of money and is not connected to your bank account.

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