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Low supply, high demand contributing to rise in price of Christmas trees

Farmers at Whitehouse Christmas Tree Farm say other factors like a tight labor market and high fuel costs are also having an effect on the price of trees this year.

WHITEHOUSE, Ohio — Big demand and low supply has affected a lot of industries this year. The real Christmas tree market is no exception. 

Christmas tree experts in the Toledo area say the lack of rain this year helped lead to a shortage, and they had to put in extra work to keep up with the demand. 

The Whitehouse Christmas Tree Farm in Whitehouse prides itself on providing trees for families.

Christy Geha, Director of Operations at Whitehouse Christmas tree farm, says the Christmas experience of picking out a tree is what really made it a passion project for her and her family. 

"The Christmas tree farm has been a part of our family for nearly 30 years, so it's been a big part of our upbringing," said Geha. "What we really love about the Christmas tree farm is just the same families every year coming out and new families starting new traditions. That's what our goal is - to really provide an awesome Christmas tradition experience."

Conditions on the farm have made this year a tough one however. 

Whitehouse Christmas Tree farmers say the trees are special this year because they survived one of the toughest seasons in their farm's history. 

"We had some issues with the rain situation. We didn't get as much rain as we thought, a little bit of a drought. The costs are just a little bit higher this year and everybody's feeling it right now so it's across the country," said Barrett Harrison Co- Director of Operations.

Harrison said other issues are also contributing to a rise in cost for consumers. 

"There's a labor shortage all over the country right now and that means the price is going up to pay your workers because they are harder to find. Fuel costs have gone up dramatically - diesel and gas. It adds a little bit to the cost of your tree," said Harrison.

The Farm has taken extra measures to make sure Toledo still gets their trees this year in the middle of the tree shortage.

That includes shipping them in from different areas. 

They said they are dedicated to making sure families still get the joy of picking out a Christmas tree this holiday season. 

"We shake it, we bail it, and we can load it on to your vehicle. And in the meantime, when you're waiting on your tree, we have hot chocolate and hot dogs and a nice warm fire to warm up to," Harrison said.

In addition, while the trees are being prepared there are farm activities like sleigh rides and Santa sightings that families can enjoy. 


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