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Central Ohioans are buying indoor bikes. What can they do with them now that gyms are open?

How you can turn that equipment collecting dust into cash without going the online marketplace route.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — It was a question posted recently on Reddit: how to avoid Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist to sell an elliptical

It’s a huge item. The seller can’t really meet in a public place to sell it and they want to protect home privacy.

During the pandemic, there was a surge in people buying exercise equipment to use at home. Now, many of those buyers are looking to sell those bikes, treadmills, and ellipticals, now that gyms have reopened.

Local fitness equipment stores across central Ohio say they are seeing an increase in people looking to cash in for the items that are now collecting dust.

If you are planning to do this -- and want to avoid posting on Facebook Marketplace or Craiglist -- be prepared to take lots of photos ahead of time of the item.

Places like Play it Again Sports in Hilliard will want you to e-mail photos ahead of time to determine if they are able to purchase it.

And also be prepared you may not get close to what you bought it for.

For Alex Hartill, that meant taking a thousand-dollar hit on the $2,400 stationary bike he bought.

“I had a good use out of it during that time I spent a lot of time at home so for that year, a little more than a year, it justified the money I took less than I paid for it,” he said.

Will Miller in Dublin is currently trying to sell his stationary bike. He did decide to post on Facebook Marketplace.

"The pandemic started coming to an end and we could take our masks off and my gym reopened again,” he said. “My spinning studio reopened so I started going there."

One piece of advice from the owner of Dimond Fitness Equipment in Columbus: wait to sell your cardio equipment for the fall or winter months when the demand typically increases.