Mom’s Response to Rude Note Left on Daughter’s Car Goes Viral


At Ohio State University, Harley Skorpenske is chasing her childhood dream of pursuing a career in Oncology or Rheumatology with children.  Since childhood, she was dreamt of becoming a doctor.

But last week outside a campus drug store, Harley crossed paths with a stranger who was far from impressed.

She says she parked outside of the drug store, put her handicapped placard up and went into the store.  She was only in the store for a few minutes and returned to find a note on her windshield.

It read: you should be ashamed!!  When you take a handicap spot, an actual disabled person suffers.  You were not raised as you should have been.

Harley now has a message for that mystery writer:I was diagnosed with systemic Lupus.”

She has suffered with the disease since she was 16-years-old.

Lupus is an autoimmune disease where the body's immune system becomes hyperactive and attacks normal, healthy tissue.

"By the time I was diagnosed, all my hair had fallen out,” Harley describes. "I couldn't get out of bed.  I had difficulty walking.”

By her sophomore year, she started to lose her hearing.  Recently, her lung collapsed three times.

Harley's mother posted the note on Facebook asking people not to judge a book by its cover. Harley says she didn't mind going public.

"It's an invisible illness.  There aren't enough people having this conversation.”

The social media post went viral with more than 175,000 shares.

However, this isn’t the first – or even the second -- note Harley has received for parking in handicapped spots.

"If we're being honest, this actually isn't the first note I’ve gotten from parking in a handicap spot; it's the third.”

Harley says if the admonishing note left on her car opens minds across the country, it was worth it.  “What I want is for people to see this post and readjust their idea of what a disability is.”

Even more surprising, Harley is going to bat for the mystery author who shamed her.

“On one end, you can say she’s attacking a person with an invisible illness, but on the other end, you can say she was advocating for people with visible disabilities who need these spots,” explains Harley

Harley says she's now focusing her energy on medical school.  She is hopeful someday she'll care for children suffering from Lupus and inspire them to dream big, so that they know they can still do something with their life.

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