Moms in Dublin take their strollers with them to fitness class


DUBLIN, Ohio -- You know what they say: Moms who work out together, take their kids with them.

“As a stay-at-home mom, there's not a ton of things you can do that are good for you and for the baby,” Laura Schoener, a mom of one, said. “And I did one class and I was like, it just makes sense."

This group of mothers brings their strollers to work out together five days a week. And sometimes, the classes don't always go as planned.

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"Usually it's my stroller that is bananas every day like snacks, toys, kids are missing, you never know what is going to happen in the Decker stroller,” Amber Decker, owner and instructor of FIT4MOM Dublin, said. She's also a mom of three.

“There's somebody that's been in your same shoes so it's easy to get through because you know that somebody has already been through it and they can kind of walk you along the path,” Decker said.

It's a team effort.

“We're all there for each other, we're all there like, giving all the kids snacks whether it's your own, passing wipes, passing diapers,” Schoener said.

And other moms just get it.

“Sometimes your workout pants are on inside out and nobody knows, nobody cares,” Decker said.

Each child has their days.

“I feel like they all take turns being the naughty one at class," Schoener said. "I always joke like oh, you won kid of the day today, you know, because they are always taking turns.”

But these moms don't worry because they're all in the same boat.

“You know, some days you have a bad morning with your kids and you come here and you see somebody having a worse morning, and it's like, ok, it's not so bad, somebody else's kids are being worst behaved,” Nickie couch, a mom of two, said.

FIT4MOM has become more than a workout for these women. It's a lifestyle.

“And we do stuff, you know, stuff as moms,” Schoener said. “We get dressed up and, you know, have fun together without the kids from time to time which is amazing and very needed for all moms, especially stay-at-home moms.”

As these moms already know, the hardest part is making the first move.

“Just come. Pack the diaper bag or don't pack the diaper bag,” Decker said. “Get in the car with your baby and get to class. We'll take care of the rest.”

“You can be the best mom in the world but if you're not taking care of yourself, you know what I mean, you're not really setting a good example,” Schoener said.

You can find out more about FIT4MOM here.