MN Police: Suspect Lured Columbus Mom Over Internet


A life-long friend of Chelsea Martinez is raising questions about her disappearance, just before her suspected killer is expected to face a judge. Sara Brooks says messages show, Martinez was supposed to meet up with a man at a Minnesota park. It’s the same park where investigators found her abandoned car.
Minnesota police still have not positively identified the body found on Friday, but friends and family are sure it’s Chelsea Martinez.
"I knew it was bad, because I know her. I know her,” said Sara Brooks.

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Family Of Missing Columbus Woman Searching For Answers

Brooks lit a candle Sunday night and set out a few pictures in the driveway of her home to remember her best friend. She’s still trying to understand what happened to Chelsea Martinez.
"It was like we saw each other yesterday. It didn't matter. She was definitely my sister,” said Brooks. Like so many who knew Chelsea, Brooks has dozens of questions about her death. The biggest: why someone would kill the young mother.
"He didn't have to do what he did,” added Brooks.
Brooks and family members of Martinez say she had been chatting online with a man on a website called, the Experience Project, before she left. They also say she was troubled.

"The messages that were shared between the two, her and the guy, there was one specifically on there that said to meet at Shager park,” said Brooks.
Minnesota police believe Jason Nisbit lured Chelsea Martinez to the area over the internet. On Monday, investigators found her car in a park near Rice County. Four days later Nisbit led police to, what is believed to be, Chelsea’s body.
"I have the gut wrenching feeling it is. There's really no doubts, they're just waiting for the DNA to come back. I'm pretty sure it's her,” added Brooks.
Brooks says for her, there is no hope Chelsea is still alive. She’ll only have memories to hold onto.
“I'm kind of disgusted that I can't be in the courtroom tomorrow, to talk to him about who he took out of this world,” she said.
Nisbit was arrested on suspicion of second degree murder. He is expected to appear in court Monday.
The family of Chelsea Martinez has set up an account to raise money to bring her back to Ohio and arrange a funeral. You can donate at any Fifth Third Bank under “The memorial account for Chelsea Martinez and Children.”