Missouri dog found in ditch bound in tape reunited with owner; suspect arrested

(Jefferson County Sheriff's Office)

A man suspected of binding a dog in electrical and duct tape and leaving him in a ditch has been arrested, authorities say.

A deputy with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office in Missouri found the black and brown dachshund in a ditch off the side of a road on Feb. 9. The dog — dubbed Jimmy, but now known to be named Flick — was found with tape around his muzzle and his front and hind legs. Authorities say he was cold, starving and may have had a concussion.

The sheriff’s office launched an investigation to determine who was responsible and potentially find Flick’s owners. As he recovered, deputies arrested 39-year-old Paul Garcia of Barnhart, Missouri.

According to the sheriff’s office, Garcia allegedly wrapped the dachshund in tape and threw him out the window onto the roadside. A deputy discovered Flick approximately 12 hours later while the temperatures hovered around freezing.

Garcia is charged with animal abuse and armed criminal action. His bond was set for $50,000 cash.

As for Flick, a business in the area stepped up to pay for his veterinary bills as he continued on the road to recovery. To add to the good news, Flick was reunited with his owner.