Missing Florida cat found 8 years later in Ohio

(Angels for Animals/Facebook)

An Ohio animal shelter says they received a stray cat this month, only to realize a family hundreds of miles away had been missing her for eight years.

The Angels for Animals shelter in Canfield, Ohio, says a stray cat came to their care earlier in the month. After checking her over, the shelter found a microchip, which revealed an extensive backstory.

"Barley has been missing for 8 years! Yes, 8 long years!! On top of that, she was from Florida! Barley was found by her family 10 years ago as a 6 week old kitten, in a dumpster in Tampa," the shelter wrote in a post.

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Barley had run away with another of the Florida family's pets while moving to another home.

"This is a prime example of why micro-chipping your pet can be one of the most important things that you can do for them!" Angels for Animals said.

Now, the shelter is looking for the best way to get Barley back to her family.