Mirror Lake: Ohio State unveils the revamped campus landmark

Mirror Lake (WBNS-10TV)

You can once again walk around Mirror Lake at Ohio State University.

The campus lake and surrounding area have been undergoing reconstruction the last two years. Changes were made following the death of a student who jumped into the lake.

The university says the renovation focused on enhancing safety and sustainability. The lake had been the site of what was known as the Mirror Lake jump, a student tradition during Ohio State Michigan week going back to 1990.

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In 2015, Austin Singletary tragically died when he jumped in and broke his neck. The university since banned the event and completely reconstructed the lake.

“We've softened up the lake, we've created a soft-bottomed lake with gradual slopes down into the lake. The primary thought was to create a safer environment,” said OSU Landscape Architect Steve Volkmann.

A bench in memory of Austin Singletary is on the Neil Avenue side overlooking the lake.

A new feature of the lake is it can be drained within an hour if need be.

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