Mindfulness: Finding your own path to connecting with yourself


“So many people try mindfulness and they’re convinced they’re doing it wrong and they give up and they miss an opportunity to change their relationship with discomfort. Mindfulness isn’t a solution to your story problem. So don’t cancel your therapist appointment.”

That’s how local mindfulness coach Daron Larson explains his different approach to mindfulness.

“I don’t practice mindfulness to get good at sitting alone in a room. I practice to be able to focus and recharge and to regulate my emotions."

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And he also says, being truly more mindful includes those emotions that makes you mad, sad – or frustrated.

“Because if we connote mindfulness with relaxation we’re waiting for conditions to be ideal. What it's like to be standing in the slowest line at the grocery store? What’s it like to watch your windshield wipers as you’re waiting for the light to turn green? Your strategy for living in the present will go a lot better when you accept how frequently the present sucks.”

Daron teaches and instructs groups big and small.

You can join a class this Saturday in fact in Upper Arlington that all about keeping your sanity (and increasing your mindfulness) during the holidays. Click on this link to register.