The Metro Parks offer free programs for adults, age 50 and older


Barbara Toman just moved to Columbus with her husband.

She's discovering the Metro Parks through Metro Five-0, they're programs like this, designed specifically for people 50 and older.

"When you're fifty and older, it's hard to make friends and when you don't have children to naturally integrate into the community," Toman explains.

The program Toman participated in is one that teaches breathing exercises. But after she's done, she plans to hike the park and enjoy nature.

Metro Parks director Tim Moloney said people participate in the free programs for many reasons; to get out in nature, to learn something new or to be social.

"All of our Five-0 programs are rated from 1, which can be sedentary, all the way to 5, which can be a back-country hike to clear creek," Moloney says, "What we like to say is there's a program for everybody."

  • LEVEL 1 Fully accessible. Stationary and/or move at own pace
  • LEVEL 2 Less than one mile, mostly flat, may include unpaved or uneven terrain, slow pace
  • LEVEL 3 Up to 2 miles, some hills or uneven terrain and/or moderate pace
  • LEVEL 4 More than 2 miles. Hills and/or uneven terrain. Strenuous pace

The metro parks Five-0 programs happen at various parks throughout the year and the easiest way to find out about the programs is by picking up a Parkscope.

To learn more about programs available at the Metro Parks click here.

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