Memorial held for former Buckeye standout Terry Glenn


An auditorium at the Fawcett Center on Ohio State's campus was turned into a makeshift chapel Tuesday afternoon, as family and friends honored former football star Terry Glenn.

Pictures of Glenn's career lined the stage surrounding the urn holding his remains.

Cameras were not allowed to record the memorial service. According to the program provided, tributes were made by people like: Gregg Miller, former high school coach, Jimmy Gould, his former agent and Clifton Spinner, director of the board for the 83 Kids Foundation.

Former football players like Eddie George reflected on the moment they found out about Glenn's death.

"I was working out and I got a text message from my friend and I just couldn’t believe it," said Eddie George. "I stopped everything and it was just a heartbreaking moment for me."

Colleagues also want Glenn to be remembered as a philanthropist. Glenn started the 83 Kids Foundation which provides funds and resources to foster kids.

"Because of his childhood here in Columbus, growing up in foster care and then losing his mother at a young age, Terry always had a passion to do something special for children," said Clifton Spiner, director of the Foundation's board. "Terry loved his children, he was a great father and he had a passion to help children."

Glenn leaves behind a fiancee, six children and siblings.