Medical marijuana processing plant in Johnstown breaks ground


A big player in the medical marijuana business breaks ground on a new operation here in central Ohio.

Apeks Supercritical has manufactured the equipment for others to process the plants for almost two decades.

Now Apeks’ sister company, Ohio Grown Therapies, will have their own processing facility, and possibly more.

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The new facility will be built adjacent to Apeks. CEO Andy Joseph says the original idea was to have a marijuana complex but Ohio Grown Therapies was granted only a processing license, not one to cultivate.

They appealed that decision and the hearing officer agreed they should have scored higher and been given a cultivation license. They’re waiting to hear from The Department of Commerce on a decision.

“Digging that hole is really symbolic of, it’s real, we’re finally in a position where we’re actually going to be able to supply the medicine that the patients of Ohio really, desperately need,” said Joseph.

Sales for medical marijuana were supposed to start September 8 but there aren't any processing plants up and running yet or any dispensaries. The Department of Commerce believes that may happen by the end of the year.

The agency said it doesn’t have anything to share on the outcome of Ohio Grown Therapies' appeals hearing.