McGold Card: McDonald’s contest offers chance to win free food for life

Photo credit: McDonald's Newsroom

Fast-food chain McDonald’s is giving one person free food for life with the McGold Card.

According to McDonald’s, a McGold card gets the holder into its secret society and free burgers and fries for life.

To enter the contest, you have to order your food and pay through the McDonald’s mobile app.

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“Mobile Order & Pay is just one of the latest ways we are transforming convenience and value for our customers,” said Hashim Amin, Head of U.S. Digital at McDonald’s. “To celebrate Mobile Order & Pay, we’re giving one of our mobile customers the chance to win the McGold Card and join a select group of McDonald’s fans, just for using the app.”

The contest runs from Aug. 10 through Aug. 24 with one possible entry per day.

McDonald’s says this is the first time the company has ever given away a McGold Card.

The society is rumored to have some elite members including George Clooney, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates.

The winner will also receive a custom 24-carat gold-plated phone case to mark the lucky person’s membership.

Mobile Order & Pay on the McDonald’s App is available in nearly 14,000 restaurants in the U.S.

For more information on the sweepstakes and how to enter, click here.