Mayor: People in the village of Baltimore can now use their water


BALTIMORE, Ohio - The mayor of the village of Baltimore in Fairfield County has released a statement saying water customers on the Rome-side of Baltimore can now use their water.

Mayor Bradley Nicodemus said testing was done Thursday morning and the do not use order was lifted.

He said people are asked to run their water for about 20 or 30 minutes flush the lines before using.

On Wednesday, a mechanical failure led to a water contamination according to the Fairfield County Emergency Management Agency.

Nicodemus said the village was told the water had a pink or purple hue to it.

An investigation at the water treatment plant showed an increased amount of sodium permanganate entered the water supply, Nicodemus said.

About 100 customers were affected.

The village collected water samples and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency was at the water treatment plant.

Nicodemus said he has ordered a complete investigation into what caused the failure.

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