Mayor Ginther criticizes reinstatement of fired Columbus police officer

File photo - Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther (WBNS-10TV)

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The mayor is criticizing a decision overturning the firing of a police officer seen in a video that appeared to show him kicking a suspect in the head.

Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther said he believes the ruling by the city public safety director to fire officer Zachary Rosen was correct.

But Ginther, a Democrat, says in a statement the city will abide by the arbitrator's Monday decision.

Arbitrator Mitchell Goldberg said Rosen used more force than necessary, but there was no evidence he was trying to injure the suspect. Goldberg called the kick an "untrained technique."

Goldberg reduced Rosen's punishment to the equivalent of a three-day suspension without pay.

Complete statement from Mayor Ginther:

We disagree with the decision of the arbitration of Columbus Police Officer Zach Rosen. We believe the Public Safety Director’s decision for termination was the correct one. However, we respect and will abide by the legally-binding arbitrator’s decision.

The details and timing of his reinstatement are being determined by Police Chief Kim Jacobs.

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