Marysville prison holds annual 5k event to raise money for breast cancer awareness


MARYSVILLE, Ohio — Two-thousand-eight-hundred dollars can make a huge difference when it comes to raising money for breast cancer awareness and research. The special check presentation to Komen Columbus took place in possibly the most unsuspecting of places: behind prison walls.

Friday, the Ohio Reformatory for Women in Marysville held its 9th Annual Breast Cancer Awareness 5k and Walk. They’ve been doing it since 2011, raising tens of thousands of dollars.

“We’re proud and honored that we can do that in this environment,” said Kathy Layne, who is in prison on a manufacturing conviction. She is serving her fourth year of a mandatory five-year prison sentence. But she says prison isn’t stopping her or the other 130 women taking part in Friday’s Race for the Cure from wanting to give back to the greater good.

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“I want my grandkids to know you don’t stop. Sometimes you make mistakes, but if you learn from them, they are life lessons,” Layne said.

Many people might wonder how these women make enough money to donate thousands of dollars every year. Each one of them told 10TV they either hold fundraisers like pizza sales to taking money out of their commissary coffers. Others work in the prison so they can raise the money needed to give to charity.

“I help run the 'Pawsabilites' dog program and we make a lot of money and we give 51% back to our community,” Layne said, who is a 25-year cancer survivor herself. “We work, and when you get in here and realize what you were doing out there was not always right, good people make bad choices and when you get in here and sit down and you’re away from your family, something inside you that wants to give back and this is a great cause.”

You can still donate to Komen Columbus by clicking here.