Marysville-based technology helps improve transportation nationwide


Inconvenient surprises on the roads, such as icy patches, could become less surprising, thanks to new technology coming to life in central Ohio.

That technology, known as “connected vehicle technology,” allows vehicles, traffic lights, crosswalks, and other infrastructure to communicate. It is shaping the future of transportation across the United States, from a testing ground in Marysville.

DriveOhio, an initiative of the Ohio Department of Transportation, is collaborating with Honda and local partners to bring the largest ever research project with this smart system to life.

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The project includes a 35-mile stretch of highway, as well as the entire city of Marysville, where all 27 traffic lights and 1,200 vehicles will be upgraded with connected technology.

With a simple upgrade, almost any car on the road can become a connected vehicle. Real-time alerts help to keep drivers and pedestrians safe, while data collected also allows traffic management centers to alleviate or avoid congestion, according to DriveOhio.

Data collected from each vehicle is completely anonymous but the information is used to help traffic management centers make adjustments such as re-timing traffic lights, opening the shoulder to traffic or adjusting speed limits in order to alleviate congestion.

This pilot project in Marysville is made up of the largest concentration of connected vehicles in the country, showing experts the impact the technology can have in larger cities where traffic has a serious impact on residents.

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