Maryhaven Plans $2 Million Expansion For Addiction Treatment


Maryhaven, a Columbus addiction treatment center, says it’s working towards a $2 million Capacity Expansion Capital Campaign to make room for a growing number of addicts who are desperately seeking help.

President Paul Coleman says many treatment programs at the facility are running at 105 percent capacity, and some addicts seeking help are on a two or three week waiting list.  Coleman says the expansion plans would make room for an additional 350 patients.  

23-year old recovering heroin addict Justin Sloan told 10TV he spent several months trying to get his foot in the door at Maryhaven for medical detoxification before he finally hit rock bottom.

“I was at my point where I was going into Netcare on my knees, saying ‘if you don’t help me, I’m going to die, I’m going to kill myself.  I have nothing left to live for - I need help.”’

Sloan is now receiving inpatient treatment at Maryhaven to overcome his addiction to alcohol, heroin, and crack cocaine.   He spoke candidly to 10TV about why and how drug addiction threatens to affect everyone living in Columbus, regardless of whether you personally know someone with an addiction.   To hear more of Sloan’s story, view the video above.

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