Mark Kelly calls for gun control in Columbus


A well-known advocate for gun control stops in central Ohio to call for a change in laws.

Mark Kelly, the husband of former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords who was severely injured in an assassination attempt, joined the Ohio Coalition for Common Sense Wednesday in this mission.

Kelly talked at the Statehouse and to the Columbus Metropolitan Club. The message was fewer guns and closing a loophole in laws when it comes to background checks.

“In most states, if you want to buy a gun over the internet or at a gun show, you don’t have to do the background check,” said Kelly.

Those who back the right to bear arms disagree. The Buckeye Firearms Association says they have been hearing the same rhetoric for years and, even though it's now backed by big names who were personally touched by gun violence, they don't think it will gain momentum.

“They can keep trying to spin that yarn, more guns mean more crime, but it’s long since been refuted,” said Buckeye Firearms Secretary Gerard Valentino.

Valentino argued that universal background checks wouldn’t make a difference because most crimes aren’t committed by guns bought at gun shows.

The coalition says they don't have any specific legislation they're backing but would like to work with legislators.