Marion woman takes hula hooping to the extreme


Rachael Lust of Marion is simply amazing when it comes to hula hooping and not just any hula hooping but extreme hula hooping.

This 29-year-old mom can make the hoop dance. She is pretty much self-taught but now makes a living traveling the world teaching people how to hoop.

She explains Extreme Hooping this way: "It is hooping on all parts of the body. You can go fast, slow, you can do tricks with it. It is not your normal hula hooping."

Rachael said hooping is part of her life and she does it all the time. She can thank her husband for taking it up.

“When I was dating my husband he was like doing fire breathing and juggling and I wanted to do something,” she said.

So instead of taking up fire breathing, she turned to extreme hula hooping. She has been doing now for about six years and as mentioned she now teaches people how to do it.

“I have taught just about everywhere in the US and now I am moving on to Europe," she said.

If you are interested in finding out more about extreme hula hooping, Rachael has an event in Upper Sandusky set for June 16. For more information just go to Rachael's Facebook page.

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