Marion enforcing code violations, including grass cutting, with door hangers for homes

Marion Ohio Police Department enforcing new code violation hangers

MARION, Ohio — Three months ago, the Marion Police Department and Mayor Scott Schertzer worked together to implement a new code violation hanger. It lists code violations such as development standards for off-street parking, storage of junk vehicles, grass cutting and littering and deposit of garbage and waste material.

Lieutenant B.J. Gruber said people who get the violations have a certain amount of days — 15 with the exception of grass cutting — to take care of the violation. One officer is in charge of hanging them and checking back in.

Gruber said if he comes back and the violation is not taken care of, a ticket will be issued.

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Schertzer said having one licensed officer designated to this job helps. He said having an officer explain to people why they are getting a code violation hanger is a different element than sending a zoning employee or health inspector.

Gruber said they have had mixed opinions on this new plan. He said many long-time residents don't understand why all of a sudden they are implementing these code violations. Gruber said the violations have always been an issue, but there weren't enough resources available to crack down on them.

He said the focus isn't only on improving the look of the community, it's also focused on health concerns and creating more jobs.

Gruber said, for example, the tall grass can bring rodents or insects, which could be a problem.

As far as bringing jobs to the area, he said the first thing site contractors want to do when bringing a new business to the area is drive around to look at the surrounding area. He said the first impression is powerful.

If a code violation hanger is hung, there are full details on it describing what code is being broken and what steps need to be taken.