Man's act of kindness toward boy with autism traveling alone on flight goes viral


PORTLAND, Ore.— A woman's post about her son's first plane ride has thousands of shares thanks to a generous passenger.

In a Facebook post, Alexa Bjornson said her son, Landon, has high-functioning autism.

Bjornson shared a story about Landon's first plane ride and his seat neighbor, Ben.

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Bjornson said she gave her son a letter to give to his seat neighbor when he got on the plane. The letter explained he has autism and said he may be nervous and frequently ask, "Are we there yet?"

She included $10 with the letter and asked the recipient to make Landon feel safe and comfortable.

Ben sent a note back to Bjornson, saying Landon was a "great travel buddy," and while he appreciated the $10, it wasn't necessary. Instead, he donated it to the Autism Society.

"He's a great kid and you're a lucky mom," Ben wrote.

The post, which was posted on Facebook Saturday, has been shared more than 14,000 times.