Man turns love of trains into a business


Barry Fromm was looking for a marketing ploy when he opened his business the Info Depot that is located in north Columbus.

Barry thought it would be cool to get a train car and so he bought a caboose and had it shipped to Columbus. That was basically the beginning of what has turned into a railroad museum at his business.

Besides the caboose, Barry also has a car that dates back to 1886 and was once part of the Ringling Brothers Circus. He also has an engine that goes back to 1919 and ran in Marble Cliff.

He also has a dining car that goes back to 1951.

And if that is not enough he also has a train Depot from right here in Columbus. Barry also has a train that you can ride that circles his business.

Barry's railroad Museum is so vast he now rents it out for everything from parties to corporate meetings. Go to for more information.

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