Man shot in the head with BB gun outside Columbus gay bar

Boscoe's in Columbus (WBNS-10TV)

A man standing outside a well-known gay bar Saturday night was shot in the head with a BB gun.

One week after the pride festival, Stephen Messerly was standing outside Boscoe’s Bar with his boyfriend. It was around 8 p.m. Saturday night.

“All of a sudden I hear a pop, sounded like one of the firecracker things that the kids throw,” he said.

Then, he felt searing pain on the side of his head.

“I put my hand up after I heard that, and I felt something up here just hurt. I put my hand down and saw blood on my fingers. Shane said, you are bleeding,” he said.

He didn't realize right away that he had been shot. He says he wonders now if he was shot at because he was outside a gay bar.

Columbus police say right now they are not investigating the case as a hate crime.

“It is possible that somebody targeted the people on Boscoe's patio, but I'm not exactly sure the motivation,” Messerly said.

In a statement, Boscoe's Bar said: "Boscoe's regrets that idiotic and criminal action." They continued to say they hire off-duty police officers and have security cameras to provide a safe place.

As for Messerly, he just feels lucky it wasn't worse.

“They said if it were a couple of inches up further that it could have penetrated my temple and done some brain damage,” he said.