Man Hopes Ohio Will Join Online Movement To Break From United States


An effort is underway to create an actual Buckeye Nation.

While jubilation spilled from some crowds when President Barack Obama claimed a second term, others experienced much different emotions.

Evan Browder was a member of the latter group.

“I was in utter disgust,” Browder said. “I actually went to bed early. Once I seen that Mitt Romney lost Pennsylvania, I went to bed.”

Despite his strong feelings about the election, he insists that is not the reason behind a campaign he launched this week.

“The petition is for the state of Ohio to secede from the union,” Browder said.

Browder said it is not about a President he does not like, but a government that does not work.

“Big spending, major regulation,” Browder said. “People don’t like it.”

Browder is not alone, the White House’s “We The People” website has petitions from virtually every state in the Union, urging them to withdraw. The petitions have amassed tens of thousands of signatures.

Peter Shane, a Constitutional Law professor at The Ohio State University’s Moritz College of Law, is not impressed.

“The chances of any state seceding from the union are roughly equivalent to our holiday presents being delivered by unicorns this year,” Shane said.

First among the reasons: the constitution makes no provision for secession.

“Aside from whatever bad feeling or apprehension people may have about the election, a state that secedes from the union would lose so much and gain so little, it would be an utterly irrational choice,” Shane said.

Browder does not see things that way. He said that he believes in the power of the people and the internet.

“It’s a bold message,” Browder said. “We can’t keep doing what we’re doing.”

Browder said despite his hopes, he did not realistically expect Ohio to secede. He insists he would have started the campaign even if Mitt Romney won the election.

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