Man with Down Syndrome retires from Pataskala Wendy's after 20 years


When you put 38-year old Bradley Hobbs in front of a television camera, he becomes a man of few words.

But, when he's among the customers at the Wendy's on E. Broad Street in Pataskala, he blossoms.

"If Brad's not here, every customer is wanting to know where he's at if he's okay," said Brad Costlow, Bradley Hobb's former boss. "He's like our public relations guy."

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Brad Costlow is affectionately called "Big Brad" and Bradley Hobbs is known as "Lil' Brad".

Big Brad hired Lil Brad in 1998 when he was 18 years old. Lil Brad has Down Syndrome.

"I had an aunt who had Down Syndrome and... I just wanted to give him an opportunity," said Big Brad.

Since then, Lil Brad has spent his tenure at Wendy's cleaning tables, making sure windows are handprint free and keeping the customers entertained with his sharp wit and friendly demeanor.

This year, Lil Brad has decided to retire. To celebrate, people from the community crowded into the restaurant to honor Brad's hard work with gifts and rounds of applause.

When asked if he felt like a celebrity, Lil Brad responded, "Yea!" with a big smile.

Lil Brad was given Wendy's paraphernalia and his favorite cologne by his co-workers, a key to the city of Pataskala by the city's mayor, and made an honorary firefighter by the West Licking Fire Department.

"He’s been such a blessing to me and it’s good that we can be a blessing to him," said Big Brad.

Lil Brad says he will watch tv and spend time with his family during his retirement.