Man, 80, Hospitalized In Columbus From Kangaroo Attack


A Marion man was recovering from injuries on Wednesday after he was attacked by a kangaroo on Tuesday morning.
John Kokas was transported to Grant Medical Center in Columbus and remained in fair condition, 10TV’s Jessa Goddard reported.
A woman called 911 and said that her 80-year-old father-in-law was attacked by the animal.
The call came from Kokas Exotics property where 10TV found the barbwire fences empty of animals and people living on the property not willing to offer any information.
Police did not say how the incident occurred.
There are more than 42 varieties of kangaroos, they can range from one pound to 175 pounds, Goddard reported.
Columbus Zoo Head Keeper Adele Dodge said regardless of the animal’s weight, any kangaroo would have the potential to cause serious harm.
“If they feel threatened, they want to move away, if they don't have that option then something else is going to come into play,” Dodge said.
The Marion County Sheriff's Office said no criminal investigation was taking place and called the incident an "unfortunate accident."
It was why or what kind of contact Kokas had with any of the exotic animals on the property.
Kokas Exotics or any of Kokas’ family members did not comment.
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