Make-A-Wish Foundation Builds Train In Boy's Backyard


The Make-A-Wish Foundation has once again made a fun change in the life of a Kansas child battling illness.

WIBW reports that four-year-old Daniel is the youngest of six biological and five adopted brothers and sisters. He is full of energy, loves being outside and lives with Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

The condition will likely shorten his life to his 20s, but his mother Jeanette says she finds many blessings in being the parent of a terminally ill child.

"It's like picking the most amazing beautiful flower - and then praying it doesn't wilt," she said. "We're enjoying every day with that beautiful flowering gift."

Daniel is most full of joy when he is around trains. He loves to spend time watching trains on the highway and is glued to his toy trains when at home.

Inspired by his love of trains, the Make-A-Wish Foundation began in January to give Daniel the gift of a lifetime, his very own train.

They found a man selling a smaller life-size train, and worked with him to buy the item for Daniel. The man donated a large portion of the cost to the project and even delivered it for free.

15 business, clubs and associations got involved with the project and hundreds of hours were spent volunteering on the tracks.

Danny was returning from a hospital visit when he was surprised by the life-size train making circles around his backyard. A crowd of roughly 50 people sang as he stepped aboard for the first of many rides.

His mother says she couldn't be more grateful.

"Daniel attracts people," Jeanette said. "He makes people pause and remember what's important in life. There have been literally hundreds of people that have shown love to a little boy they've never met, and they have no idea what it means to our family."