A look at possible downtown location for new Crew SC stadium


Fans just found out there is a deal in the works to keep the Crew SC in Columbus. With that news, the MLS announced that would mean a new stadium as well.

There are two, large undeveloped parcels directly adjacent to Huntington Park downtown.

One of the property owners says he has been approached about this possibly being the site of a new Crew stadium.

Martin Savko from Savko & Sons said he was alerted a couple weeks ago that a deal was in the works to keep the Crew SC in Columbus and was asked if the family would be willing to sell their land.

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Savko says they are more than happy to talk about a property sale and think it's great that others have stepped up to keep the team in Columbus.

He believes an actual stadium would be placed on property adjacent to what his company owns and their property may be used for facilities to support the stadium.

Savko says this is all in a very early stage, they have not talked about any specifics of a deal just yet.