A look back at September; Record-breaking heat & drought conditions

A look back at September; Record-breaking heat & drought conditions
September recap

What a way to roll into Fall. What started out as a very promising, cool end to summer ended up turning into a prolonged drought and a resurgence of extreme heat into now October. September is certainly a month that has stood out in 2019.

September Almanac

The cool start was short-lived as temperatures went soaring into the 90's in the second week of the month. A heat wave officially took place, with 4 days in a row of 90 degree (or warmer) heat. We also started the month with .55" of rain to start the month, which would be the only time we would see a drop of rain recorded at John Glenn International Airport until September 20th. That dry stretch also was accompanied by more heat, with temperatures for the most part above average.

We also ended the month on an extremely warm note, with temperatures 10-20 degrees above average. The prolonged stretch of unseasonably warm conditions led this September to easily climb to the second warmest September on record.

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September Precip

During the second half of the month we saw measurable precipitation on 5 separate days, but unfortunately not nearly enough as we needed. The month ended with -1.99" precipitation compared to our average. Last year was a completely different story. We ended up with over 6.5" in September 2018, making it the #4 wettest September on record. From one extreme to another, 2019 ended up as the #10 driest September on record.

Ohio Drought Monitor

The lack of precipitation has become more and more pronounced across the state as shown on the latest drought monitor for Ohio. Abnormally dry conditions across much of the state, with moderate drought across parts of west-central Ohio.

What will October hold? More drought and abnormally warm conditions? Well, so far we're doing just that. I'll be releasing my thoughts on our October weather outlook later this week, so stay tuned for more details.