Local Syrian-American woman speaks out after US air strike on Syria


Local Syrian-Americans are reacting to Friday's air strike, saying it's not enough.

One woman says the U.S. needs to do more because, despite the strike, supporters of the Syrian President are still celebrating in the streets.

"We are going to keep our hopes very low until like, we see something happen," Sumaya Hamadmad said.

Sumaya Hamadmad says she feels like she's talking in circles, but she'll keep speaking out until something changes.

"Nobody is willing to stop him and all we do is just empty talk," Hamadmad said.

Hamadmad says she's become desensitized to the violence happening in Syria. She still has family there. So do her friends.

"Every single one of my friends has lost a friend or family, including me," she said.

Hamadmad says the Syrian-American community in central Ohio had hope after Friday's air strike on Syria.

For her, that hope has since faded.

"Now the supporters of Assad are celebrating in Syria, they're celebrating a triumph over the U.S.," Hamadmad said.

Hamadmad felt the same way last year when she spoke to 10TV after the U.S. took action against Syria in April.

"We always read stories of the Holocaust and we say how did we let this happen, what would we do if this was repeated and this has been repeated every day in Syria. Even gassing of children is repeated and we're doing nothing," she said.

Until the U.S. does more to intervene and the killings in Syria, Hamadmad says she'll just keep talking even if it is in circles.

"What are we doing as an international community if we're letting this to happen for so long. You have to keep the fact and providing evidence and hoping that someday something happens," Hamadmad said.