Local program strengthening the path to sobriety through yoga


COLUMBUS — Squeezing a workout into your daily routine can often be associated with lower stress levels and improved mental health, but for some people seeking treatment for addiction, adding in yoga can do much more.

Take Megan Scott, for example.

“With yoga, there’s meditation and I know meditation — for me — helps me keep myself guarded and grounded and helps me keep out of my head because I can meditate and not worry about things,” Scott said.

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Some of those things for Scott include challenges associated with recovery.

“It helps me a lot because, you know, instead of wanting to go out and drink or whatnot, you can just do some yoga,” she said. “Do some yoga moves, yoga positions and work on that and strengthening your yoga and your poses.”

Scott participates in yoga through the Alcohol & Drug Services program at Columbus Public Health, thanks to a non-profit called the Trini Foundation.

The foundation is focused on teaching the tool of yoga to people struggling with addiction.

“There is a scientific connection between anxiety and depression along with mindfulness and movement,” according to Taylor Hunt, executive director and founder of the Trini Foundation. “So, all of a sudden, you start adding to someone's recovery program, like breath and movement, and they're able to get outside of that anxiety, outside that depression, it has a really big impact on people.”

Hunt, who has been sober for 13 years himself, believes yoga is highly effective in the recovery process for reasons like its use of goals, focus and structure, to name a few.

Thus far, the program at Columbus Public Health has been successful, Hunt said.

The two have partnered for the last year and a half to give yoga education to Columbus Public Health patients free-of-charge, inspiring some, such as Scott, to look beyond treatment.

“It does show you that there are so many things out there you can do to keep sober,” Scott said. “You know, and yoga is just one of those tools you can use to work on your own meditation and your own mindfulness and keeping sober.”

The Trini Foundation also partners with Ashtanga Yoga studios nationwide to offer scholarships to individuals in recovery. Scholarships are awarded based on student financial need. Interested candidates should email info@trinifoundation.org.

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