Local gyms turning to virtual fitness during COVID-19 pandemic

Commit to be Fit Neighborhood Boxing
Commit to be Fit Exercise at Home

COLUMBUS – It’s a tough time for local businesses, especially gyms, forced to close over concerns of COVID-19.

But 10TV found a few that are changing the narrative.

While residents of Ohio can’t physically go to the gym, some local workout facilities are making sure the gym can come to residents’ homes.

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Neighborhood Boxing Club is one of them.

Owner, Ron Kelly tells 10TV they have started uploading videos of their workouts to YouTube, featuring a variety of their trainers, giving viewers stuck at home the option of a full-body workout.

Kelly explained the energy of a full, 30-bag boxing class can’t be beat, but that the videos still motivate him and his clients.

“Don’t give up. There’s always things that you can do,” he said. “There’s lots of things out there so I just say, ‘Don’t give up, keep working, don’t use this as an excuse to stop.’ You know, just continue moving forward.”

Another local gym, System of Strength, has offered virtual classes through their Digital Studio since 2016 but is adding more given the current situation of the coronavirus.

“Right now, it’s an unprecedented time and we all have a ton of anxiety, you know,” said lead trainer, Dr. Anna Vogel Schneider. “There’s just a lot of questions out there that can give us some of those feelings of uneasiness and one of the best ways to get yourself re-centered is to break a sweat, get some endorphins going, get that natural high that you get out of a really good workout.”

System of Strength’s Digital Studio offers classes varying from cardio, to strength training to recovery.

10TV asked for more suggestions for online workouts. Here’s what we found: