Local farm fears they won't have pumpkins this fall due to heavy rains this year

Leeds Farms (WBNS-10TV)

Farmers all over central Ohio are experiencing the impact of heavy rain and not enough sunlight.

At Leeds Farm in Ostrander, co-owner Christy Leeds, said they haven’t been able to plant any pumpkin seeds.

Leeds said the soil is too wet to plant the seeds as well as use their equipment. She fears not only for her farm but other farms. She said this could impact business as well as how many people visit the farm.

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She said agritourism is a big part of Ohio and people want to find the farms with the best and most crops. With the weather we’ve been seeing, she feels that’s going to be difficult this year.

Typically at Leeds Farm, they harvest 20,000 to 30,000 pumpkins every year. The seeds are typically planted in mid-May.

They’re staying hopeful that they will be able to plant the pumpkins within the next few days.

She said if not, they are going to rely heavily on people coming for their other crops and activities. Their farm has hayrides, animals, and offers a variety of other crops.

Today, Ohio Agriculture director, Dorothy Pelanda visited Leeds Farm. She met with Leeds and other local farmers to talk about the weather and the challenges they are facing.

Many worry about the future of agriculture and how it’s going to impact families in central Ohio.

Pelanda said their department and Governor Mike DeWine are listening and will work with farmers to find solutions for the losses they’re seeing from the weather.
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