Local event in need of coats for veterans


David Baker is a guy full of energy. He is eager to serve and give back to his community but has limited resources.

"The severity of my disability kept getting in the way of my mobility," he said.

Like thousands of others, Baker served in the United States Army in the late 70s.

"I became a tank commander," said Baker.

Baker served for 6 years. After his service, he dealt with depression, a myriad of sicknesses, homelessness and unemployment. Baker says his disability only goes so far.

"They don't realize that we still have to buy clothes," he said. "Yes, definitely food, but we gotta buy clothes too and clothes are very expensive nowadays," he said.

Thankfully, dozens of volunteers are collecting donations on his behalf.

Central Ohio Stand Down is a day of giving of resources, food and clothing to veterans.

"It makes them feel valued regardless of what their history is with the military or their history in their community," said Dan Willis, logistics chair for the event.

In past years, the event would accept and distribute used clothes. But, last year event coordinators changed the policy and are now asking for only new donations.

"There's a lot of labor involved with used clothing. The quality of used clothing really isn't suitable, most of it isn't suitable to give other people," Willis said. "Veterans deserve new clothing."

Willis says the donations are trickling in, but they need more winter weather wear to get veterans through the coldest part of the year.

"We could use donations for coats. We also need donations for gloves, for scarves and for hats," said Willis.

Desired items:

  • Coats for men and women sizes XL and larger
  • Gloves
  • Scarves
  • Hats

You can drop off donations at the Volunteers of America officer 624 Harmon Avenue. For more information, call 614-715-0614.