Local Design Company Creates Women's World Cup Championship Shirt


Traxler Tees in Columbus is joining the celebration of the United States women’s World Cup win.

The store has a new line of T-shirts designed to commemorate the victory. Monday, the shirts were in production at the business’s headquarters on Silver Drive. So far, more than 60 orders have been placed.

Kristen Hernandez was at the World Cup proudly wearing her shirt. She says the merchandise gave a local feel to an international stage.

“It was nice to have a shirt that was different than what everyone else was wearing,” she said. “Being from Columbus, we felt we wanted to represent the 614. [The] artwork is so great.”

You can purchase your shirt at www.massivecityfootballfancorps.com. They retail at $25 a piece. From today thru Sunday, by entering the code CHAMPS, you can receive two for $40.