Local business bringing runners, walkers together online

Columbus Running Company, Rally Columbus

COLUMBUS, Ohio – In a time bound by restrictions, many are looking for ways to continue to Commit to be Fit.

Social distancing can make it tough for people to get their usual workout in or to stay motivated.

10TV talked with one business with an idea to change that.

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“I think for a lot of people, just on a normal day, running and talking is their chosen form of therapy almost,” said Eric Fruth, Columbus Running Company (CRC) owner.

But because of concerns over the spread of COVID-19, group runs aren’t an option right now.

Instead, runners and walkers are turning to social media.

Through social media, CRC launched a free program, called Rally Columbus.

The program is meant to inspire and better yet, connect runners and walkers around central Ohio who may feel isolated right now.

“Getting out and getting that endorphin rush and just moving makes us feel better,” Fruth said. “And right now a lot of people feel like that’s been taken away.”

Rally Columbus is as simple as registering online, linking up with other runners and walkers and getting outside.

“I’m thankful that we can just get back outside, take advantage or all the many nice bike paths, metro parks, things like that, that we’re still able to access as we do it responsibly through social distancing and not going on group runs,” said Dave Parsons, a runner participating in Rally Columbus.

Through the program, CRC will send out email with tips for getting the miles in, along with possible incentives like gift cards and race entries.

“One of these days we’ll all get back together in a big race and be able to celebrate all the togetherness again but for now, we can do it virtually through this program,” Parsons said.

So far, more than 800 people have signed up for Rally Columbus, Fruth said.

Interested? Sign up here.