Local boating club offers tips to stay safe on the water this Memorial Day weekend

Boating experts prepare boaters on Alum Creek to get back in the water

America's Boating Club of Central Ohio educates and prepares boaters how to stay safe on the water. Commander for the club, Dick Sorensen, said he expects this Memorial Day weekend to be busy on Alum Creek.

He said first and foremost, the most important rule is to make sure each person stepping into a boat knows what to do if an emergency happens.

Sorensen said the owner of the boat should have life vests, a line, and flares ready to go. If a problem with the boat was to occur, his advice is to immediately shut off the engine to prevent a fire. The next step is to check to make sure the safety vests are properly on but try to avoid getting out of the boat. If for some reason, a boater finds themselves in the water, it's best to tread and don't panic.

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Glen Kubinski, who is a 25-year boater, takes safety very seriously. He takes pride in his boat, but also about being smart while driving it. He said it's important to stay aware of who is around at all times.

"When the lakes get very crowded or rough, it's very dangerous at times, especially with people who aren't familiar with boating and (haven't) taken any courses," Kubinski said.

The club also suggests boaters check the engine often and make sure it is clean and running smoothly.

Sorensen said it's all about staying alert and ready to have fun while staying safe.