Local author sees lack of diversity, inspired to write children's book


A local author finds success writing a children's book about what can be a difficult time for kids and parents, potty-training.

Her inspiration came from not finding books her children could relate to about the subject.

Terreece Clarke was looking for books about potty-training when she started the process with her first daughter. She couldn’t find any with main characters that were African-American.

She found that most of the books with diverse characters dealt with political or historical issues.

“Children learn by seeing, and so when you don’t see yourself, you don’t imagine yourself in those areas,” said Clarke. “It’s important not only to see the heroes and the extraordinary but it’s really important to see the ordinary.”

Using her oldest daughter as the central character, she wrote “Olivia’s Potty Adventures." It was released this year and was number one on the bestseller list in its category on Amazon for 16 weeks.

Clarke said it’s just the first in a series about children’s milestones.

Clarke will be at Cover to Cover bookstore in Upper Arlington Saturday for a book signing from 10-11 a.m.