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How much learning does your child need during summer?

But how much engagement does your child really need over the summer?

COLUMBUS, Ohio — For those looking to get their child into a summer camp — time is of the essence. 

There are a variety of summer camps for kids in central Ohio, depending on interests and budget. But how much engagement does your child really need over the summer? Do they need an educational aspect incorporated into their daily routine, or can it just be about having fun?

Pediatricians say tapping into their interests is a great idea if you’re financially able to. 

Many summer camps that incorporate arts and crafts, music or sports are enough to keep your child engaged and healthy over the summer. 

“We know there are a lot of studies that show the importance of nature, on physical and mental health of children, so I think it’s just as important to let kids go and play outside as it is to keep them reading over the summer,” said Dr. Chris Peltier, president of the Ohio American Academy of Pediatrics.

Peltier said for younger, elementary age children, 15 minutes of reading a day is more than enough. For middle school kids, anytime closer to a half hour is appropriate and for older kids closer to high school, around an hour is enough. 

It doesn’t always have to be sitting down and reading a book or doing summer worksheets, it can be as simple as a weekly trip to the library, or having them help you calculate costs at the grocery store.

"You know for a child that is otherwise doing well in school, you don’t have as much to worry about that. I think the most important thing is that kids are engaged during the summer - not having them be on the couch for eight hours a day just playing video games,” Peltier said.

A great option that keeps kids engaged during the summertime is summer camp.

Camps offer a break for parents and a fun, learning experience for kids wanting to learn and explore with others their age.

If you’re looking for specific summer camp options in central Ohio, check out the list below:

City of Columbus

OSU Camp Recky

OSU Sports Camp

Westerville Community Center


Columbus Zoo


Camp Lionhart

Columbus Academy

Columbus School for Girls Summer Programming

Columbus Museum of Art (SOLD OUT)

Franklin Park Conservatory

Salvation Army

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