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'I wanted to do something for them': Boy gifts Gahanna police officer with cookies to show appreciation

5-year-old Jaxon Bernard gave Officer Corbin his favorite cookies to say thanks for keeping kids safe when going to and from school.
Credit: Emily Bernard

GAHANNA, Ohio — Jaxon Bernard is a kindergartener in the Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools district.

The 5-year-old is at an age where he's beginning to grasp certain concepts, such as how people do their jobs and how to care for others.

One particular job caught his eye.

Jaxon rides with his mother Emily to pick up his brother from school. One day, that's when he noticed Officer Corbin with the Gahanna Division of Police.

Jaxon asked Emily what Corbin does for his job as a school resource officer.

"{Corbin} makes sure that the kids in this section cross the street safely," she told her 5-year-old son. "He makes sure that the cars are stopping, making sure everything is doing the speed limit."

Emily wanted her son to know that there's more to being a police officer than chasing criminals. The officers do what they can to keep people and the community safe.

"That's so cool," Jaxon said.

Then, that got him thinking.

"Well, people do things for me. Now, I want to do something for them," the 5-year-old said.

Jaxon told his mom he really likes what Corbin does to help the community and he really wanted to bring him cookies.

Emily saw Corbin and told him the story of her son wanting to give back. She asked him what his favorite cookies are.

His answer? White chocolate chip macadamia nut.

"Don't be surprise if we show up one day with cookies," Emily told Corbin.

He didn't believe her at first. Sure enough, Jaxon and Emily brought him a plate of his favorite cookies.

A thank-you note was also attached. The family wanted Corbin to know how much he is appreciated from the perspectives of a 5-year-old boy and a mother.

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When Jaxon and Emily got into their car to leave, Officer Corbin waved at them and he was eating the cookies.

Jaxon and Emily wave to Officer Corbin anytime they see him out helping children.

Emily says it's fun to see the concept of caring through the eyes of a child.

"As a mom, I appreciate our police officers and what they do for our kids on a daily basis and that my boys have someone to look up to," she says.