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Facebook post sparks desire to help, give before Thanksgiving

A post by a woman in a Pataskala Facebook group is inspiring others to help those in need before Thanksgiving.

PATASKALA, Ohio — What would you give if you could? What could you spare if you saw the need?

Four days ago, Lauren Anne posted on a Pataskala Facebook page:

“What is one thing you need that you cannot afford right now? Maybe you have it and don’t need it or have a connection to get it.”

As you might imagine, requests and needs started pouring in from clothes to bedding and appliances to furniture and food.

That’s the void. Now, the fulfillment.

People by the hundreds started commenting and offering up items they didn’t need from clothes for children and infants to breast pumps for new mothers, appliances and furniture. 

What’s better, those commenting have been following the one rule of the post: No Selling.

All of it is free to those who need it.

A person in need of 6-year-old girl clothes for the winter was met with a stranger’s comment of “I have a bunch, send me a PM.”

Another person in need of size 12 to 14 boys’ pants and shirts was met with a reply “I have 5 trash bags full.”

One woman gave up a crib she bought for her daughter who is getting ready to be a foster parent in the next year, but because someone needs it now she let it go.

A man who needed work boots and gloves was met with a response of “What size?”

A grandmother of seven asked for a Christmas tree. A stranger replied “Please message me. I will get you a tree.”

The need is great, but so is the response. 

The love. The generosity. Peppered through the almost 1,000 comments are moments of gratitude from people loving what they’re seeing – the selflessness and kindness. 

Others are sharing the post and it’s now in different states, cities and communities around the country.