Letters of Love: Valentine's messages for Nationwide Children's Hospital heart patients


COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Wednesday is Valentine's Day and there is an opportunity to send a special message to young hospital patients.

At two and half months old, Caddie Ingraham, would undergo his first open heart surgery at Nationwide Children's Hospital.

"They did a tour for us of the CT ICU where he was going to be immediately after surgery and then the step down,” said Caddie’s father, Scott Ingraham.

This is where their son would be hooked up to tubes and machines for thirteen days. For many families, it's a place where time kind of stands still.

All it takes are the smallest messages and love to help heal the tiniest hearts.

“Valentine's Day, they do the hearts. It's just really wonderful because it's always kid centric,” said Caddie’s mother, Jessica Ingraham.

The hearts are a symbol of your love to share with patients. It's as simple as going onto the hospital's website and typing a message. The hospital will then print what you type on paper hearts to pass out to the children.

“It's just extra special and for the kids to have them delivered, it's just really fun for them too,” said Jessica Ingraham.

So on this Valentine's Day, consider taking a minute to send love to kids just like him.

“He's just so wonderful. I wouldn't want him any other way. I really wouldn't and it's brought so much joy and some of the best people we've ever met into our lives. We're very lucky,” said Jessica Ingraham.

The Valentine messages are free and can be typed out on this website.