Leonid meteor shower set to peak this weekend


If we can get some clearing and you’re out early on Saturday or Sunday morning look up and you might lucky and see a shooting star.

The Leonid meteor shower is set to peak this weekend as it does every year on the 17th or 18th of November. It’s caused by leftover debris from Comet Tempel-Tuttle interacting with the Earth’s atmosphere.

Typically about 10-20 meteors per hour can be seen at the peak of the shower but every so often the lion roars and we get a meteor storm.

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This is when literally thousands of meteors can be seen in an hour. This famously happened in 1833 and the shower that year helped further our understanding of meteors.

These happen every 33 or 34 years and this is not expected to be a year with a meteor storm.

The next one could hit – thousands of meteors per hour is NOT a guarantee – in 2033 or 2034. For best viewing get to a dark spot, far away from city lights and look in the east after midnight. If you see one, don’t forget to make a wish.