Lawyers: Police pressured Ohio woman accused of killing baby

Brooke Skylar Richardson (Jake Ryle/WCPO)

LEBANON, Ohio — Defense attorneys who contend that a young woman didn't kill her baby and that investigators in Ohio made a rush to judgment are set to begin presenting their case.

Lawyers for 20-year-old Brooke Skylar Richardson say the baby she's accused of killing two years ago was stillborn and that police pressured her into saying what they wanted to hear.

Prosecutors wrapped up their case in the murder trial Monday.

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They finished by showing jurors Richardson's text messages and playing a videotaped second interview police did with her after the baby's remains were found in her family's backyard in July 2017.

Richardson told police during the interview that the baby might have moved, cried or gurgled.

Prosecutors say Richardson killed and buried the unwanted baby after hiding her pregnancy.