Late corn crop could eventually lead to higher prices, local farmer warns

Local farmer says corn crops are 60 days behind and could have a ripple effect

HILLIARD, Ohio — Neall Weber of Weber Farms in Hilliard said his corn crops are about 60 days behind and said he's not the only farmer that is dealing with this.

His corn crops are up to his knee when they should be almost as tall as him. He said shoppers may see the price increase in local grocery markets or chain stores due to the shortage.

He said 85% of items sold in stores contain corn in some way shape or form. Items can range from cereal, ketchup, peanut butter, salad dressings, fruit juices and even chicken nuggets.

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"A lot of the food we're eating right now was based on last year's crop, so now, last year's crop was productive and good. However, this year's not the case, so we're going to see — maybe not immediate price hikes of our food — but long-term, we're going to see some pricing increasing," Weber said.

He said whether its the manufactures, facilities or growers, everyone operates business differently but each person has to do what they do in order to bring in profit.

He explained that producers may see higher prices on their end when they purchase farmers' products, so that may lead them to increasing prices on items for the customer.

Farmers are able to plant their corn, but it is not a guarantee they have large amounts or perfect quality.