Kenmore Park neighborhood frustrated with new voting location


Residents in the Columbus neighborhood of Kenmore Park are arriving at their new voting location frustrated. That’s because many of them had difficulties finding it.

Registration cards list the new polling place as Linden STEM Academy at 2626 Cleveland Ave. But the building is on Westerville Road, a street that branches off of Cleveland Avenue.

As of Tuesday afternoon, there was no signage along Cleveland Avenue identifying the school building as a polling location. The only signs that could be seen were dozens of feet off of Westerville Road, along a side street leading to the school’s rear parking lot.

“The building itself isn’t on the street our voter registration cards said that it was on,” Amanda McClafferty said. “The registration card says Linden STEM Academy, but the signage on the school doesn’t say that. It only says Linden Elementary.”

“I want to vote, but it discourages you,” Andy Anderson said.

Polling volunteers began placing additional signs after 10TV asked questions while on site.

“If people had troubles finding it, we’re sorry,” Franklin County Board of Elections spokesperson Ben Piscatelli said. “We’ll do a better job in the future.”

According to the Board of Elections, the Linden STEM Academy was chosen as a polling location after the previous location, New Salem Baptist Church, withdrew its offer.