Kasich Hosts Energy Summit To Discuss Fracking


Governor John Kasich is hosting an energy summit on Wednesday and Thursday at the Ohio State University.
Most of the Wednesday afternoon session focused on the Utica Shale, a massive amount of natural gas estimated to be between seven and 12 thousand feet below the ground, 10TV’s Andy Hirsch reported.
A map from the Ohio EPA showed the supply of gas stretches across several states, including much of eastern Ohio. 
A study, done for the Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education Program predicted the supply could create more than 204,000 jobs by 2015, add more than $12 billion to Ohio wages and generate more than $478 million tax revenue, Hirsch reported.
"We are anticipating at a minimum it's a 100 year supply of natural gas, and could be as much as 200 years,” said Cal Dooley, American Chemistry Council President. “We're (the U.S) kind of the Saudi Arabia of natural gas.
There are environmental concerns about the process of getting this gas, often called fracking.  Some worry about the chemicals used in the process and the impact it can have on water supplies.
Kasich said addressing those concerns is a top priority. He also put the brakes on what can seem like an uncontrollable optimism about Ohio’s natural gas supply. He said it's a great resource that will bring jobs and boost the economy but it will not happen overnight.
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